This is my favourite episode of “Moving Stories,” a show I co-created back in 2000. In this episode, we documented VICE Magazine’s move from Montreal to NYC. “Reality TV” has changed so much, the pacing and tone of this  reminds me of an old NFB film. I ended up writing for them (VICE) for several years, including my monthly Dear Diary column. 

When I was the showrunner on Dragons’ Den (2006-2012), the crew helped me make a spoof video for the book launch of The Almost Archer Sisters. Here’s me pitching “The Great Canadian Novel”. After you watch it you must visit the comments section where a number of people believe I truly was that moronic. Please don’t disabuse them of that notion.  

Way back, during a brief bout of unemployment, I had some fun with the phone for a day and then made a radio piece out of it. For one day, I closed every phone conversation with “I love you”, no matter who had called. The results were… uneven. 

I LOVE YOU (radio segment)